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Well that was quick

So I resubbed for one month, mostly because Dovelly is close to all 99s but also because its Christmas, I kind of missed RS and I wanted to see a hiscores comparison of my toon Slick_cat and hers (also that of her husband Moonman392).

Whenever I come back, I endeavour to catch up on all of the quests.

Elemental Workshop III seems to be bugged (mild nerd annoyance as opposed to nerdrage).

I followed the Tip It walkthrough exactly, the screenshot and the position I have was the same but the last 3 moves to complete would give me a stupid "out of power message" - I looked at other guides and they too show a disconnect reconnect HAS to be done - only it wouldn't let me complete it... Grrr...

Can't be bothered to start over from stage 5 right now, I have to tank a 25man guild run of Firelands in 20 minutes.


That being said, Jagex:

I love the tool belt - busily filling mine out.
I love the money belt, especially since it prevents PvP'ers from 'trading' cash.
I love urns and the streamlined crafting options.

Its still not, nor will it ever be World of WarCraft but it has improved enough that I will be returning more often than I have in the past 4 years.


Dec. 11th, 2011 07:20 am (UTC)
Tried again - this time following the visual Tip.it guide instead of the coordinates.

Partway through puzzle 6, I get the: "There isn't enough power in the system. Youll [sic] need to reset the machine and try again".

Way to fail Jagex...

Anyone with have a brain would have had the reset to start of puzzle 5 include the Infinite Moves that you get from puzzle 4...

Way to fail game design Jagex, I can only imagine how infuriating this would have been to try when it was first released. Many of the guides seem to indicate that there are glitches galore. Guess I'm one of the 'lucky people'.
Dec. 11th, 2011 06:57 pm (UTC)
Finally got it - had to restart at puzzles 2 & 4...


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