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Has since been rectified - ETA - 2 days during peak holiday season.

Quick find code: 250-251-674-63479087

so i refer-a-friend my brother using his firstname.lastname@gmail.*** email address
you accepted firstname.lastname@gmail.*** as a valid login id
so far so good
But then I try to buy him 6 month's membership - it is quite clear that the name on the credit card is associated with the credit card that pays for _referring account_ (ie my account)
and then it all goes to donkey #^%$
it won't let me use my own email addresses and it won't accept his as a valid email address - newsflash 2011, many people have a dot in their email address to seperate first and last name.
Please fix it, I'd imagine that parents aren't going to be willing to go to the trouble of repeatedly trying to sub their kids, they will just give up and try another game instead.
Addendum - I just spent 15 min waiting to talk to said credit card company (wanted to make sure that it is not their security system kicking in) - you gits successfully took 2x $24 CDN as successfully holds but didn't process the order... seriously guys wt* is wrong with you - there should NEVER be a problem ordering game time for a friend or family member, heck that OTHER game that I play - WoW lets me directly buy stuff for people as gifts as long as I know their login ID...)

Lastly - forums that don't let you use Enter to space out things in proper paragraphs is equally unprofessional.


That's just it though - it is his first_name_*dot*_his_last_name(which happens to be my last name since we are brothers)@gmail.suffix.

What's really annoying is that this email address:

1.) successfully received a refer-a-friend invite from the email that I have registered with my account
2.) was acceptable as his new userid
3.) he has successfully logged in after checking RAF email and opened his RAF cracker

In short they have a ridiculous deficiency in their billing system's AI and he's stuck on F2P until someone at Billing gets around to reading the email I sent them and fixes the issue


Still no reply from billingsupport email or via the followup that I sent inside billing support webpage...

I tried again, putting a space to seperate the Canadian postal code into chunks like this: A8A 8A8 - made no difference. I know that the credit card was authorized again - the hold up is Jagex and their billing system.

Might as well blog this and time them on their (hopefully) successful response.


EDIT - 30-Dec-2011 14:49:56 Jagex Mod - Mod Stevew - bumped my concerns to billing - I should have a response within a day or so.

EDIT number 2 - Mod Crisp of Billing Support Team had a detailed reply for me. =)

EDIT number 3 - successfully got my brother 6 months package deal.


Dec. 30th, 2011 06:44 am (UTC)
And I logged out of game and worked on plan B - setting up RS for my brother instead.

Within less than an hour, my email that is linked WoW account had a reply from a Blizzard GM - this is on a work week in between Christmas and New Year's Eve mind you.

It didn't completely answer my concerns so I logged in to their account management site and put in a reply to the ticket.

Again in less than an hour, I had a clarified answer from a second Blizzard GM.

One - two - done.

You guys... well I'm still waiting...


Let's face it you have a great little game, as I mentionned in my initial email, and you've made huge improvements (I especially like the tool belt, the money pouch and craft all) but your customer service (or lack thereof) is infuriating.

The world is global - it doesn't matter what British culture perceives as acceptable customer service, the standard is being set by American gaming companies like Blizzard.

I should not have to be pleading to pay you, I am a customer.

Would it really hurt to have someone over there look at my brother's account to how to smooth over what seems to be a glitch in your billing system? If he missed a step in setting up his brand new just arrived in Lumby RS account (he got the welcome cracker and the bonus XP...) then tell us which step and help us overcome it.

If there is a problem with your billing system accepting email addresses in x.y@z.something format then for Guthix's sake TELL people about it. Had we known that he would have used a different email address altogether.
Dec. 30th, 2011 06:44 am (UTC)
Bottom line billing stuff should be simple and foolproof.

In comparison I submit to you a second example of Blizzard-rep-for-the-Win!

When Cataclysm came out - I preordered the Collector's edition (to be delivered by courrier) and downloaded the digital copy.

The digital download went on my main account so I could check out the new Azeroth on day 1. The Collector's edition when on my secondary account. A couple of weeks later I called Blizzard Customer Service late in their business day to switch the keys around since I knew from my research that it could be done if I asked nicely.

I waited about 40+ minutes - this was acceptable, I had a book to read, I was calling late in their business day and I knew that their phone lines are usually clogged with noobs that had hacked account issues.

The nice, super polite rep efficiently changed my CD keys around so that my main account now had a Collector's Edition key of Cataclysm and my secondary account had a regular digital key. As a bonus he didn't erase the CE "Lil' Deathwing" pet on any of my secondary accounts toons, even though by all rights he could/should have.


Your monthly sub is 1/3 that of WoW's so I guess you should have 3 squared their response time - 9 hrs? so hopefully one of your reps tomorrow will net a Customer Success Story on his/her last working day of 2011.


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