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Not Quite a Banner Ad

Please comment ('drop a Clue') to introduce yourself in the: Introduction Thread.

Amuse yourself with the Great RuneScape Bot-Hunt wherein we time how long it takes Jagex to ban a given bot.

Rummage through our list of Tags to find what you are looking for. At the moment anyone can add new tags or edit existing ones.

Should they become necessary, a listing of Community Rules are located here.
Just saying. It is fail...

As it was the wheel of squeal was a good way to get people to log in everyday.

As it is, it is gambling institutionalized by Jagex and here's wondering as to how long before jurisdictions other than the UK object to it... (Canada, USA...).

Behind the Scenes March

New anti-mage ammo, March 16th is bonus XP weekend and Morytania Tasks! (Early Bird bonus of 15K for Easy and Medium Task Sets)


Crappiest Hard (level 3) clue scroll ever.

6 stages to get 3x magic shortbows and 22x meerkat scrolls.... 3452gp market value


Has since been rectified - ETA - 2 days during peak holiday season.

Quick find code: 250-251-674-63479087

so i refer-a-friend my brother using his firstname.lastname@gmail.*** email address
you accepted firstname.lastname@gmail.*** as a valid login id
so far so good
But then I try to buy him 6 month's membership - it is quite clear that the name on the credit card is associated with the credit card that pays for _referring account_ (ie my account)
and then it all goes to donkey #^%$
it won't let me use my own email addresses and it won't accept his as a valid email address - newsflash 2011, many people have a dot in their email address to seperate first and last name.
Please fix it, I'd imagine that parents aren't going to be willing to go to the trouble of repeatedly trying to sub their kids, they will just give up and try another game instead.
Addendum - I just spent 15 min waiting to talk to said credit card company (wanted to make sure that it is not their security system kicking in) - you gits successfully took 2x $24 CDN as successfully holds but didn't process the order... seriously guys wt* is wrong with you - there should NEVER be a problem ordering game time for a friend or family member, heck that OTHER game that I play - WoW lets me directly buy stuff for people as gifts as long as I know their login ID...)

Lastly - forums that don't let you use Enter to space out things in proper paragraphs is equally unprofessional.


That's just it though - it is his first_name_*dot*_his_last_name(which happens to be my last name since we are brothers)@gmail.suffix.

What's really annoying is that this email address:

1.) successfully received a refer-a-friend invite from the email that I have registered with my account
2.) was acceptable as his new userid
3.) he has successfully logged in after checking RAF email and opened his RAF cracker

In short they have a ridiculous deficiency in their billing system's AI and he's stuck on F2P until someone at Billing gets around to reading the email I sent them and fixes the issue


Still no reply from billingsupport email or via the followup that I sent inside billing support webpage...

I tried again, putting a space to seperate the Canadian postal code into chunks like this: A8A 8A8 - made no difference. I know that the credit card was authorized again - the hold up is Jagex and their billing system.

Might as well blog this and time them on their (hopefully) successful response.


EDIT - 30-Dec-2011 14:49:56 Jagex Mod - Mod Stevew - bumped my concerns to billing - I should have a response within a day or so.

EDIT number 2 - Mod Crisp of Billing Support Team had a detailed reply for me. =)

EDIT number 3 - successfully got my brother 6 months package deal.

Well that was quick

So I resubbed for one month, mostly because Dovelly is close to all 99s but also because its Christmas, I kind of missed RS and I wanted to see a hiscores comparison of my toon Slick_cat and hers (also that of her husband Moonman392).

Whenever I come back, I endeavour to catch up on all of the quests.

Elemental Workshop III seems to be bugged (mild nerd annoyance as opposed to nerdrage).

I followed the Tip It walkthrough exactly, the screenshot and the position I have was the same but the last 3 moves to complete would give me a stupid "out of power message" - I looked at other guides and they too show a disconnect reconnect HAS to be done - only it wouldn't let me complete it... Grrr...

Can't be bothered to start over from stage 5 right now, I have to tank a 25man guild run of Firelands in 20 minutes.


That being said, Jagex:

I love the tool belt - busily filling mine out.
I love the money belt, especially since it prevents PvP'ers from 'trading' cash.
I love urns and the streamlined crafting options.

Its still not, nor will it ever be World of WarCraft but it has improved enough that I will be returning more often than I have in the past 4 years.

Dungeoneering skill released

Dungeoneering Skill!

12-Apr-2010 Read more

It’s out! The new skill is here and it’s available on free-to-play! You’ll receive all the equipment you need to train the skill when you arrive, so catch a boat to Daemonheim from behind the Al Kharid bank to start your new adventures! Read more...

Rant: Just want to know a few things

 Why do random people follow me and ask me out? I get asked out all the time. No I will not go out with you! This one guy promised me money only after saying "have you ever cybered before?" I left his sorry a**. Then I get scammed by some players who say they can make me a santa hat. I got scammed but reported the two for scamming. Hopefully they got banned. I hate it when people follow me. It ruins my game. The other day this one girl was following me and, asking me if I wanted armour. I said no quite a few times but, she insisted on bugging and, ruining my game. Then I said to her "go away" and she kept on bugging me acting like a 3 year old. I forget all what happen but then she says "Do you want to be reported?" Then I said "wtf? I should be reporting you! you're bothering me!" then she is like "sames" as I tele home to Lumbridge and then she does the same. So I log off and chill. 

Seriously! Why do people follow me? It's annoying as hell! 



16-Feb-2010 Read more

Visit the familiars' home in this new Distraction & Diversion, and then gather raw shards in the spirit plane itself, all while avoiding the locals. Do well and be rewarded with Summoning pouch components or triple charm drops (for a while). Read more...

Barbarian Assault + Agility

Barbarian Assault Improvements

19-Jan-2010 Read more

Commander Connad may be a tough task-master, but he knows when to use the stick and when the carrot is more effective, and he’s dangling a big, fat, juicy carrot in front of Barbarian Assault players in the form of new and improved rewards. Read more...

Agility Benefits for Fishing, Hunter and Thieving

Read more

Agility has always been useful in allowing adventurers to get from A to B faster, thanks to greater run energy and access to shortcuts. Today it becomes even more useful, with direct benefits for the Fishing, Thieving and Hunter skills. Read more...

Nomad's Requiem

Since I'm kind of burnt out on World of WarCraft, a new GrandMaster quest just might be enough to get me to resubscribe to RS for a month to catch up. =)

Read more

The dark underbelly of Soul Wars is visible to anyone who looks hard enough... Perhaps you will uncover the shocking truth during Nomad’s Requiem, our perilous new Grandmaster quest! Only the most brave (or foolhardy) need attempt our toughest quest yet. Read more...


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