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What this community is about

First and foremost this place is about other people, RuneScape gamers like yourself. One hopes that it will be a source of amiable company, sage advice and witty banter.

It will become a place to post screenies of your accomplishments, copies of game update announcements (along with speculation about what they mean for the metagame), rough quest guides, detailed tactical discussions and possibly polls that attempt to be humorous.

Feel free to join us and build a small sense of community slightly apart from the populated chaos that is RuneScape.

One of the neat things about RuneScape is that no matter how bad your day has been, you can log on, fish a load of lobsters, cut a load of yew logs or mine a load of coal and feel that you've accomplished something however minute. It is arguably also a reasonably good antidote for writers' block and a passingly acceptable one for insomnia (as long as you don't let yourself get enthralled by the game).

Community rules are located here.


RuneScape: nifty, complex British fantasy MMORPG since January 4th 2001.
Sizeable Percentage of RuneScape Players: whiny numbskulls, also since January 4th 2001.


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